On this page we have collected the most popular questions, so that you could easily find the answer for almost any question you may have.

What all details do I need to provide for booking a service?

You have to provide your location,Bike Company, Bike model, date of booking and your mobile number to place an order.

Can I book a service any day?

Yes you can book a bike service a day or more prior to desired date. For emergency service you can call and book on same day.

Is it mandatory to avail pick and drop service?

It is convenience we provide to our customer and it is integral part of package.

Can I change the address after booking schedule?

Yes. You can update the details of your order by calling our customer care, before 6 PM on the day prior to the date of the service.

My bike is in breakdown . What I have to do?

You can book a schedule and mention it in booking or call to our service center between 8 AM to 8 PM.

Do you have doorstep servicing?

Yes, We have. But we want the bikes to be trouble free completely, so we take bikes to our authorized work shops.We prepare Jobcard at your doorstep (Office/Home).

What if my bike meets with the problem during the time of transit?

We assume that your bike already have insurance, so whatever damage happens during transit the expenses will be covered under that insurance only. We don’t have any separate reimbursement for the same. However we will help you out in the Insurance recovery in case of any such situations.

What documents are required from my end at the time of bike pickup?

A : We require the following documents : 
1. Vehicle Registration Certificate
2. Valid Insurance Certificate
3. PUC certificate
It would be great if you can provide us with the photocopies of the same. Else, our service executive will be taking a snapshot of the original copies of the above documents

What are charges for Pickup and drop off?

We don’t charge extra for pickup and drop off and its integrated service package.

Can I make card payment?

Yes, We accept all bank credit/debit cards

How can I pay?

The payment can be done COD or through credit/debit card.

Can I trust the service center?

Yes, we have our authorized service station.

How do i know if a service center has a holiday on a particular day?

If a service center has a holiday on a particular day, the slots allocated to that particular service center will not be available on our portal.

Will I get any notification of my order status?

Yes. At each stage of processing your order, we notify you through sms/mail about your order status.

When will the final prices be provided?

The final prices will be provided after the repairs/servicing has been done. This will be updated to you by our service executive via call or message before the delivery of the vehicle.

What are extra/additional repairs?

In certain cases, during the process of servicing, service center might detect some additional adjustments required for the bike apart from the repairs suggested at the time of estimation. These will arise majorly in the cases where the repairs are related to the internal parts of the vehicle. Our service executive will let you know of any such cases as soon as we get the information from the service center.

Can I edit booking details after placing order?

Yes, it can done by calling the customer care.

Will there be an additional cost for these extra repairs?

Yes. There will be an additional cost that is dependent on the scale of the repair. Our service executive will let you know of these charges (if any).

Will my bike be delivered on the same day if i give my bike before 11AM?

On the day delivery will be possible only in the case of general servicing without any repairs and if the load at the service center is reasonable on that particular day. If the order has been placed for repairs or in case of any requirement of spare parts, your bike will be delivered the next day or as per the availability of the spare parts.

My bike is in breakdown condition. Will i get the same day delivery?

We will try everything in our potential to make the same day delivery for your bike. But it all depends on the condition of your bike and the repairs your bike will incur.

Can i postpone the delivery time after the repair is done?

Yes. You can call our customer care or the concerned service executive to postpone your delivery. But the delivery time you request for, should be before 8 PM. Anything after 8 PM will be delivered after 8 AM on the next day.

My bike has encountered with a problem post servicing? What should i do? Whom should i contact?

We cover the Service warranty of one week from the date of servicing. The Service warranty covers only the job done in the last service. Bikzon claims the warranty of the spares, if provided by manufactures. Post warranty any repair work and visiting charges would be extra.

Can I change the address after booking schedule?

Yes. You can update the details of your order by calling our customer care, before 6 PM on the day prior to the date of the service.